Nov 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This year, we spent Thanksgiving with Dustin's family. Every year, they have a pinata for the kids. I volunteered to be in charge of it this year. While looking for the perfect pinata, I realized not many places have cute "Thanksgiving" themed pinatas. I found this pattern online and had to give it a chance. I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of him. He turned out SUPER cute!! It look a long time but was SO worth it! I'm pretty sure all 20 kids had a chance to hit it. When it finally broke open and all the kids were scrambling around looking for their candy and gathering as much as they could, I took a big bag of the remaining candy that did not fit and dumped it all on their heads.

I missed my family this year but was so grateful we were able to spend time with family members. My family means the world to me and they are some of my best friends. I am so grateful for both my family and Dustin's family. Both are always so ready and willing to help us with everything we need. Our parents prepared us for one another and did such a great job.

I am grateful for a wonderful husband who loves me and willing to provide for me. He is so optimistic about any mishap that may come our way. He is willing to work the whole holiday weekend on our wonderful condo to make me happy. He and his friend Dallin was up til close to 4 am one night so he could get it all finished. Pics to come once the carpet is in.
We would be lost with out the gospel in our lives. The spirit and the blessings we receive because of it is so great. I am so grateful for the temple. The fact that I can be with my incredible husband for eternity brings such great joy.
There are so many things to be grateful for. It's great to have a holiday to remind us of everything we have but I hope we can remember them all year long.