Aug 31, 2011

Muga & Grandma Mothers Day Blocks

I know, I'm SO behind. That's what happens when you have a baby... over 6 months ago. :) I saw these adorable blocks on somebody elses blog. (Please tell me if it's yours. I want to give you credit.) I just tried searching for it with no such luck. They were super easy and really cheap! My husband said we didn't need to do anything for his mom for mother's day. I went ahead and made this for my mom and showed him. His response was, "Oh, my mom Would Love something like that." So I whipped out another one that morning for her. And of course, she did Love it!

I took 2 square blocks (some my dad had out in his wood shop.) And 1 larger block, the same width as the squares. Painted them an antique white. Sanded and stained them. Then Mod Podged 2 of my favorite pictures of my baby on the front of the squares. Cut the vinyl lettering with my fabulous Cricut. (Can't live without it.) And stuck that on the front of the larger block. I Mod Podged over the vinyl just to make sure it stayed on there. I finished it off by tying a wire lined ribbon (that was tied around a baby gift) around it and tied it in a bow on top. What do you think?

My mom had a great idea, that I'm still planning on doing for her... maybe for Christmas. :) Get 12 more blocks and put all the grand kids picture on each block. Then you can stack them around the saying block. Just an idea.

Aug 16, 2011

4th of July wreath

I saw this adorable 4th of July & (being in Utah) 24th of July wreath on Tatertots and Jello. Don't judge, hers turned out SOO much cuter than mine. :)

Items needed:
  • a couple bags of red hots
  • 2 festive scrapbook paper
  • red ribbon (to wrap around the wreath)
  • red & blue ribbon (to use on the rocket)
  • coordinating red, white and blue ribbon (to tie at the top to hang on the door)
  • (All of the above, I found at the dollar store)
  • foam craft wreath
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • toilet paper roll

Get Started on wreath:
Wrap the entire foam wreath with red ribbon hot glueing every couple of wraps to keep the ribbon nice and tight around the wreath. (this is the background so you dont see white through the candies.)
Next, begin glueing the red hots around the entire wreath. You want to cover the entire wreath minus the back that will be against the door. I think I did the inside ring, then the top and finished with the outside ring. (this is by far, the longest part of this project.)
Finish by sealing the candy with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. I used a polyurethane spray and it did not dry clear. (I was not happy but hung it up anyway.)

Now for the rocket:
Measure, cut & wrap the first scrapbook paper around toilet paper roll.
Then, measure and cut about a 1" circle from the 2nd paper. Cut the circle about half way to the center. Overlap the paper at the cut to form a cone. At desired shape and size, either glue or staple the cone in place. Glue the cone on top of the toilet paper roll.
Use ribbon to finish off the bottom edge of toilet paper roll.
With remaining ribbon, take 2 or 3 coordinating colors and make loops to give the rocket a "take off" feel. Glue to the inside of the bottom of the rocket. Play with the loops to make it your style.
Finally, glue the rocket on to the bottom of the rocket. Where ever you like it best.

Hang it up:
To hang it up, I took a thicker red, white and blue ribbon and tied a bow. With the same ribbon, I wrapped a loop around the top and tied a know. I took my bow and glued it to the front. That made sure the bow was always facing front.