Oct 1, 2011

I finally made one for myself:

Remember when I made the 50+ Saying block letters for my gift exchange partner? Well, I FINALLY made myself one. Sadly, I like the 2nd one a lot better than the first so I had to share it. This is the project I was working on when I ran out of Mod Podge and made some of my own.

(You can find the link to the FREE Downloadable Cheet Sheet here)

I changed a few things:
  • Painted all my blocks black before staining. (If you choose to do this, you can paint just the corners that will show to save on paint and time.)
  • Chose only 4 coordinating papers
  • Added 1 extra block to put other seasonal pictures on it. (i.e. Shamrock, birdhouse, bunny, Christmas tree, etc. You can add what you like for the season.)
  • Did not put paper on top. I decided it looked too busy.
I like how this one turned out. My only problem now is where am I going to put it? My mantle is too full and as of right now, it is covering my adorable baby. I need another shelf perhaps.