Oct 1, 2011

I finally made one for myself:

Remember when I made the 50+ Saying block letters for my gift exchange partner? Well, I FINALLY made myself one. Sadly, I like the 2nd one a lot better than the first so I had to share it. This is the project I was working on when I ran out of Mod Podge and made some of my own.

(You can find the link to the FREE Downloadable Cheet Sheet here)

I changed a few things:
  • Painted all my blocks black before staining. (If you choose to do this, you can paint just the corners that will show to save on paint and time.)
  • Chose only 4 coordinating papers
  • Added 1 extra block to put other seasonal pictures on it. (i.e. Shamrock, birdhouse, bunny, Christmas tree, etc. You can add what you like for the season.)
  • Did not put paper on top. I decided it looked too busy.
I like how this one turned out. My only problem now is where am I going to put it? My mantle is too full and as of right now, it is covering my adorable baby. I need another shelf perhaps.

Sep 14, 2011

Home Made Mod Podge

Last night I ran out of Mod Podge in the middle of a project. I had seen a pin on Pinterest from Do It Yourself Divas on how to make your own. I thought it made complete sense, so at 10:30 pm last night, I tried it out.
She suggested to do just equal parts of elmers glue and water. I found this super mega runny. I didn't love how watery it was because I was worried it would ruin my paper. (And at 10:30, I couldn't run to the store to get more of the paper I was using.) I added a little more emlers glue. It was still pretty runny but it still worked and did the trick. I woke up this morning to perfectly glued paper. So Cool!!!

I just used a baby food jar. (I didn't want to make too much in case I didn't like it, or it didn't work.) This picture was taken after I used it to finish my project.

DIY under $5

Sep 7, 2011

Halloween is right around the corner... YAY!!

I'm sad to see summer go, but I'm excited to get ready for Halloween at the same time. This is the first year I can dress my kid up and believe me, I'm so taking him trick-or-treating... Maybe just at the grandparents houses, but still, haha.

BUT, I'm also excited to start getting my Halloween Decor out and make new stuff too. This is just a few of my fav's that I took pics of last year. I don't have it up yet, don't worry. :)

This guy doesn't work on my fridge anymore, because the fridge is stainless steal. I tried it on the dishwasher (thats also stainless) and it worked great. Maybe it's not really stainless?

I'm not sure if I'm going to put this little lady up this year or not... I've had her for a few years and it might be time for a change. I do love her though. Tell me what you think.

Aug 31, 2011

Muga & Grandma Mothers Day Blocks

I know, I'm SO behind. That's what happens when you have a baby... over 6 months ago. :) I saw these adorable blocks on somebody elses blog. (Please tell me if it's yours. I want to give you credit.) I just tried searching for it with no such luck. They were super easy and really cheap! My husband said we didn't need to do anything for his mom for mother's day. I went ahead and made this for my mom and showed him. His response was, "Oh, my mom Would Love something like that." So I whipped out another one that morning for her. And of course, she did Love it!

I took 2 square blocks (some my dad had out in his wood shop.) And 1 larger block, the same width as the squares. Painted them an antique white. Sanded and stained them. Then Mod Podged 2 of my favorite pictures of my baby on the front of the squares. Cut the vinyl lettering with my fabulous Cricut. (Can't live without it.) And stuck that on the front of the larger block. I Mod Podged over the vinyl just to make sure it stayed on there. I finished it off by tying a wire lined ribbon (that was tied around a baby gift) around it and tied it in a bow on top. What do you think?

My mom had a great idea, that I'm still planning on doing for her... maybe for Christmas. :) Get 12 more blocks and put all the grand kids picture on each block. Then you can stack them around the saying block. Just an idea.