Dec 18, 2008

The Construction is FINISHED!!

I am SO happy! Our condo has been under construction since the day before Thanksgiving. Last weekend, we finally finished everything and got it put back together! Dustin and his awesome friend Dallin installed new tile in our kitchen, entry way and bathroom Thanksgiving weekend. While they were doing that, I painted the whole front room, kitchen and hallway. Yes, I taped, and painted EVERYTHING by myself. Its been A LOT of work to say the least. Thursday and Friday, the carpet installers came and put in our new carpet! YAY! We have felt like we've been living in a war zone the past couple weeks. I didn't really get a "before" pic. But I did get the whole process. I have to apologize to our neighbors for all the loud noise we've been making. It's done and we have no plans of any more loudness.

Dustin scrapping the tile off the kitchen floor. It was hard work! It got easier when he finally let me try a trick I read online. We poured HOT water on a towel on top of the glue. He said it was a lot easier after the water trick. The bathroom wasn't glued down, so that lifted right off.

Dustin and Dallin tiling the bathroom the night before Thanksgiving. We were all up until 3:30 in the AM. Notice, there is no toilet... We stayed up so late so we could let the floor set for 24 hours and get the toilet in first thing Friday morning. Thanksgiving day was a little interesting. But it did get me to the gym.

The day after Thanksgiving Dallin was over again to help Dustin tile the kitchen and front entry way. It took longer than I thought it would. After you set the tile, you have to let it sit for an hour. Then you can grout it and you have to let it sit for 3 hours. Then the washing begins. Dustin said that was his LEAST favorite part because he's been on his knees so much already and its all set but you have to wash the excess grout.

While the boys were tiling, I taped and painted the whole house. My shoulder got the best workout! After I painted, I decided I wanted to paint the floor boards and chair rail too. I worked on that in the mornings before work. That takes a lot longer than you would think too.

Getting ready for the carpet in the bedrooms and hallway. We had just about everything we owned in the front room. Luckily, we only had to live like this for one day.

Getting ready for the carpet in the front room. We took all the carpet out. It was SO heavy! I'm amazed I was able to get it to the truck! lol

The carpet installers we went with gave us the biggest scare the day before they were installing the carpet. We already had all our things out of the bedrooms for them. I called to confirm they were coming. I get a call back not 5 minutes later saying the carpet we wanted was on back order. CRAP! We go in, we actually found something we liked even better that they had in stock. Because of the mess up, they gave us the nicer carpet for the same price we were getting on the original. We got $9 off per yard. We were pretty happy to say the least.

This is the last thing we got! It's an early Christmas present. I LOVE IT! I will try and play it down, but in all reality, I really like it!!

Thank you Dallin for helping with the tile, it looks AMAZING!!