Jun 22, 2011

Car Seat Canopy Tutorial

This is a car seat canopy I made for my friend. These are super simple to make.

What will you need?
2 1/4 yards of coordinating fabrics
Velcro (Be sure its not the kind of the sticky back)
Matching thread for your decorative finishing.
  • Simply pin 2 coordinating fabrics measuring 35x43 (or whatever the width of the fabric is). You can make it as wide or long as you'd like, really.
  • Using a kitchenaide mixer (nice measurement huh?), trace a rounded edge on all 4 corners. Cut the fabric and pin together.
  • Beginning on the TOP edge, about 3 inches from the center, begin sewing 2 pieces (right sides together) about 1/4 inch seem AWAY from the center point all the way around the fabric. Be sure to stop about 3 inches away from center on the top edge where you started. (You need a hole to turn the fabric right side out.)
  • Turn the Fabric right sides out.
  • Finish off the opening, either by a technical blind stitch (that people claim is easy) or a simple top stich close to the edge. If you want it just for fun, this technique works great, but if you are professional, you will want to hide the stitch. :)
  • Finish the canopy by picking a fun stitch and sew about 1/4-1/2 inch from the edge, depending on your stitch and your style. If you dont want a fun stitch, or dont have the capability, just sew a straight line about 1/4 inch from the edge all the way around.
Now, on to the Straps. Besides the cutting, this is the hardest part. This is usually just made out of the bottom fabric. I like to use both. You want more of the bottom fabric showing than the top to get the contrast.
  • With the remaining fabric, cut 2 pieces of the bottom fabric about 2" x 6".
  • Cut 2 pieces of the top fabric about 1/2" x 6".
  • Take 1 piece of the 2x6 and 1 piece of the 1/2 x6 and sew right sides together to make a tube.
  • Before turning right side out, iron the tube flat so it has equal sides of the bottom fabric on top.
  • Sew one end of the tube and turn right side out.
  • Fold the other end in to give it a finished look. (It might be easier to work with if you iron this fold down.)
  • Take the rough side of your velcro and sew it on the top of the strap on the side that needs to be sewn together. (The side that you can see both fabrics)
  • Take the fuzzy side of the velcro (The side that only has the bottom fabric) and sew it on the bottom of the same strap on the end that is already finished the same distance away as you did the other piece. This is the top of the strap that will attach to the car seat handle.
  • Repeat each step above for the 2nd strap.
  • Once both straps are completed, sew them to the canopy 2 inches from the center point. The longer half will be your front side.

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